Community and support. This is what motivates me to move forward, daily. I have been a resident of Bend for 9 years as of 2019.


Throughout the years in this beautiful place that is so special to me, I realized there exists a dynamic force of unrecognized Latinx.


The Central Oregon area serves as a 'mecca' for entrepreneurs, including Latinos with successful businesses, and with one common goal. To watch the Latinx community progress and move forward.


Mecca Bend was born from the desire to see my friends, who are my second family, integrate into the community of Central Oregon.


As a Latina woman, and mother of two, my pride is in the work ethic my parents showed me from a young age. And never disregarding the challenges they faced as foreigners in this country. As immigrants from Mexico, both taught me that hard work, although sometimes low paying, is worth it in the end. 

I had the privilege of being born in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 11 my family moved to Portland, Oregon, where I attended several schools around the area, until graduating from Mount Hood Community College, then on to Portland State University where I studied Business Marketing Strategies.


Today, in my work with the Latinx community, I serve as the voice for our friends and family who sometimes feel forgotten. And I do it with Latina pride!

Balloons over Bend

Balloons over Bend