Central Oregon’s online Latino directory 


Quien somos? / Who are we?

Mecca Bend is an online directory assistance program that enables the Latino Community of Central Oregon to find the necessary resources for work support programs, family assistance, education, housing, local events, and much more. Whether you are a small business owner that is searching for hard working employees, or a new resident of Central Oregon seeking housing, our goal is to unite the community it’s contributors, and it‘s greatest supporters by sharing our stories, our visions, and our aspirations as a collective group. 

Mecca Bend is committed to empowering Central Oregon's work force, and families. 


Nuestra Vision / Our Vision

Our surrounding areas of Central Oregon are growing and evolving daily. The Latino work force of Central Oregon is a strong and critical part of our community that has gone mostly unnoticed and unreached. Mecca Bend bridges the gaps that exist due to language barriers and communication breakdowns. 

Let's bring our communities together by recognizing our differences and building a stronger foundation for Central Oregon in the years to come.